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About Zach Knuckey

Most people struggle for years to discover their life’s passion and purpose. Zach Knuckey knew his by the age of 3. Fishing.

However, in 2012, as his dream of building custom rods and guiding angler enthusiasts began to unfold, at age 24 Zach suffered a rare spinal cord stroke and lost the ability to walk.

Since then, with great courage and determination, Zach has set his sight on two goals: to walk on his own and to build a successful custom rod and fishing guide service.

With the help of therapists from the Christopher and Dana Reeve ABLE Program at the Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute in Golden Valley, Minnesota, Zach has made great progress in his rehabilitation.

With his rehabilitation efforts paying off, in 2014, Zach turned his attention towards his childhood dream and launched Waters Edge Guide Service and Waters Edge Custom Rods. The fact that you are reading this page is a testament to the reality that dreams – even though delayed – can still come true.

So, no matter your level of expertise, if you desire to experience fishing the way it was meant to be, Zach Knuckey is your go-to fishing guy.

From the News Reel:

In May 2015, WDIO TV featured Zach’s story. Click here to watch the inspiring clip.