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Guided FISHING Trips

Teach a man to fish ... make no mistake, with Waters Edge Guide Service you'll be put on fish.

But, when you spend either a half or a full day exploring the local Duluth lakes with your guide, Zach Knuckey, you will also learn key tips and techniques that will prepare you for future success as a fisherman.

Jigging, trolling and casting, Zach’s on the water, open water or ice, year-round ... and, you’re invited to join him. Guided trips are offered throughout the Duluth area lakes including Island Lake Reservoir, Fish Lake Reservoir, Rice Lake, Boulder Lake, Caribou Lake, Grand Lake and Pike Lake. Call 763-242-5849 or fill out our contact form to set-up a guided trip today!


Here Fishy, Fishy, Fishy

CUSTOMER Testimonials


I have had the privilege of fishing with Waters Edge fishing guide Zach Knuckey the past 5 years. I can attest to his vast knowledge of the local lakes and rivers in the Duluth and North Shore areas, as well as his fishing expertise, as I have experienced many times first hand.

Zach has spent some time on the Pro-Am Walleye Tournament and is one of the best walleye fisherman I have ever fished with. He has put in the hours on the water to learn where the structure is that holds fish, and also knows the seasonal movements of fish throughout the lakes. Zach combines this knowledge with his expertise in using onboard electronics  to locate fish. 

Zach uses a variety of techniques in catching fish including jigging, bottom bouncers, planer boards, and other techniques I would have never thought of. He also does a good job of teaching his clients how to master these techniques in order to put more fish in the boat.

I have had many successful days out on the water with Zach as my guide, and I would highly recommend Waters Edge Guide Service to anyone wanting to put fish in the boat while learning how to improve your technique. They don’t get any better than this guy!

- Tom Martin

I had my first Waters Edge Guide Service experience in the spring hunting crappies and man did Zach put us on the fish. The experience was fantastic from beginning to end. We met Zach at the landing and he already had the boat waiting at the dock with rods all rigged up and ready. We jetted right to a crappy hole Zach picked out using his ability to "smell the fish". As soon as we dropped out lines in we were pulling fish in the boat! The conversation was great and the fishing was better! At the end of the day I decided I had to order a custom rod from him and within a few short weeks I had a custom rod that I was able to design, ready to be picked up. I have fished many brands but the blanks Zach uses are top notch and it has quickly become my favorite and most productive rod by far! If you are looking for a fantastic guide service or a high quality rod building then quit looking and call Waters Edge!!

- Jeff Meland

I have been acquainted with Zach for less than a year, but in that short time have come to know and admire him.

I hired Zach as a fishing guide for an afternoon last spring. The weather had changed and was poor for fishing, but Zach worked cheerfully and tirelessly to give me an excellent fishing experience. Zach has a wealth of knowledge and I learned a great deal about fishing, and technique.

Although Zach does not have full use of his legs, the trip went smoothly and his physical handicap did not affect his guiding abilities in any way. Zach has the desire, knowledge, personality, ability and equipment to be a great open water fishing guide!

I am fortunate that I was able to meet and fish with Zach and would heartily recommend him as an open water fishing guide!

- Dean Ager

Zach Knuckey is what I like to call a "True Minnesota 4 Seasoner", a True “4-Seasoned” guy is the type of angler who incorporates a heavy dose of fish into his brain 365 days out of the year. Zach is an accomplished angler throughout the state of Minnesota, focusing primarily on walleye. If you are interested in walleye fishing in the Duluth area it will be a safe assumption to say that Zach will produce walleye when the rest of the fleet finds themselves in a mid-summer slump. Zach knows the area lakes and rivers like the back of his hand and he will dial you in on a bite at any time of the year.  If you are interested in ice fishing Zack can put you on some absolute BRUTE SIZED St. Louis River walleyes regularly. Duluth area fisheries also contain Sturgeon, and Zach can find them through the ice! If you are after dinner plate crappies, northern pike, smallmouth bass, yellow perch or all of them at once for a multi-species day, Zach can and will get it done.  I have fished with Zach and I can say that he has NO handicap. All the equipment he uses is state-of-the-art and top-of-the-line, allowing him to put you on fish effortlessly while you enjoy reeling in some SOWS and flashing your Kodak.

- Zach Fasking, Angling Laboratory  

If you're looking for a great time on the water Zach Knuckey and Waters Edge Guide Service will deliver. With a top of the line boat, electronics, and Zach's experience you are sure to have fish on the line. I have personally been out with Zach close to ten times and we always managed to catch fish. He is one of the most knowledgeable local fisherman you will find, guaranteed.

- Eric Kleven